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Randall cordero, Founder

Photographer/Videographer Randy Cordero has spent over two decades honing his skills as a master of image and video development. After attending the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography, Cordero embarked on an ambitious freelance career, founding Cordero Studios in 1998. Since then, he has worked throughout the World, for some of the most prestigious magazines, ad agencies and corporations around.

A persistent problem-solver, Cordero has developed a reputation for getting any shot, anywhere, anytime, no matter the degree of difficulty or the number of barriers. Cordero pays specific attention to composition and lighting in his still photography, which carries over to developing a consistent and seamless frame-by-frame approach in his videos. Cordero remains focused in his resolve to find the perfect shot, and Cordero Studios remains dedicated to providing the best in video and photography to clients throughout the world.

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