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The Importance of Finding the Right Photographer for Your Destination Wedding

You've done it!

You booked and scheduled the destination wedding of your dreams. Now, maybe the hotel you booked with has prompted you or you came to the realization yourself, but it's time to find the photographer, videographer, or both, that's going to capture your epic event. What do you do? Where do you turn?

The Typical Route:

As you may know, the venue you book with will more than likely have their list of recommended vendors for photography and video. That's okay for when you have the time, and option, to sit down and connect with each individual on that list, but if your destination wedding is out of the country, you don't have either of those. Now you're stuck researching these vendors online and having to express your vision for the special day over the internet. This can only lead to one thing: you being stuck with a video or photo album full of content you're not happy with.

There's Another Choice...

Many photographers and videographers in your area, or a major city nearby, are willing to travel and prepared to bring a high-level production to your destination wedding. In fact, some have packages built around this or have worked the cost of traveling into their prices.

It may cost a little more, but having the benefit of meeting with your photographer or videographer in advance, to really take the time to view their work and explain your vision, will save you the headache of having a product you aren't happy with.


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