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Sharing Your Event: Live Streamed Video

Live streaming has gone mainstream, and everyone now has the technology to do it.

Social media has embraced live streaming as its future, and all of the major online platforms have developed their own live streaming applications for mobile devices and continue to make it their priority.

Live streaming is ideal for capturing your event, and it can also be used for: behind-the-scenes or glimpses of pre-event activities, how-to’s, quick interviews, live demos, and breaking news.

These are just some of the platforms available for social media live streaming:


If you are looking for the largest audience possible, Facebook Live is the answer. Broadcasting on Facebook Live means all those who used to see your posts are much more likely to once again so it is a great way to bring back and revitalize your Facebook page


Facebook is in a bit of competition with itself as it rolled out its latest update of Instagram, which included a live streaming service called Instagram Live. Instagram is the most pared down of any of the big three mobile streaming services available right now.


YouTube has been in the professional live streaming business for years. Now though, live streaming is available to all. YouTube Live videos can be posted on all platforms that allow embedding and will have a much deeper archival value because of optimized search engine discoverability.

How to Produce a Quality Live Stream

Although everyone now has a the ability to capture a live stream using their phone, like all video production, creating a quality live experience takes a professional touch. This is the reason services such as Livestream exist. Contacting a professional streaming service may be the best option if you want your event to be shown off in the best light possible.

With a professional streaming service:

- Higher quality cameras can be used

- Multiple camera angles can be switched between to add interest

- Higher quality audio recording methods can be used

- Provides a dedicated signal so the feed does not cut out in the middle of streaming

Video is one of the best ways to market events and engage attendees.

66 percent of event planners and marketers are already using video as part of their marketing strategy. Are you?

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