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Generating Excitement with Sales Incentives: Telling the Story

Sales incentives can be a great motivator for employees. Nothing boosts excitement and energy more quickly and reliably than an incentive. However, motivating your employees isn't as simple as just deciding on a desired outcome and promising a cash prize to the top performer.

Give Non-Monetary Rewards

It is usually best to give away non-monetary rewards. The glow and esteem of a cash prize will fad more quickly than something physical and personalized.

A Company Incentive Trip

Thinking of something physical to give to employees can be challenging. A good motivator that most everyone will enjoy is a paid company trip. Showing recognition for employees’ achievements by awarding travel experiences may not be revolutionary, but it’s also a motivator that’s not going away any time soon.

In order to have your incentive trip stand out and really motivate your employees, go for unique experiences. To generate the perfect incentive trip for a team of tractor salesmen from Canada, Brandt Tractors planned their annual incentive trip around the luxurious Beverly Hills, California, which was such a success, they had their next trip in France.

A paid company trip is the perfect opportunity to reward those employees that stand out throughout the year. Not only does this reward them, but it also adds a little time for company and employee bonding.

A company trip is also the perfect opportunity to create a video documenting the trip. A video is useful for a few reasons:

- It gives the employees that attended a way to remember the trip

- It creates buzz for the next year's trip if this one is a success

- It can be used in advertising to potential new employees

Long lasting memories are built through repetition and recaps, and having professional video captured at your company incentive trip will maximize your ROI.

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