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Demonstrating Value to Your Event Partners with Photos and Video

Whether you're a venue trying to sell more tickets, a representative trying to sell more products at trade shows, or a PR agent trying to get more people to attend your event, your goal is to find an event marketing strategy that works.

What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is the combined effort of activities taken to promote an event.

Effective marketing:

- Lets more people know about your event

- Gets people interested in finding out more information

- Conveys how the event will fill a specific need

- Creates a brand presence to attract and maintain sponsors for the event

Why is video and photography an effective event marketing strategy?

Brands need a digital marketing strategy. That hasn't, and may never, change. What has changed is how important photography and video have become on every channel and every platform. They are no longer just pieces of your marketing strategy; they are at the core of your marketing strategy, especially when it comes to your social marketing campaign. If you're not utilizing photo and video content in your marketing efforts, you're falling behind your competition.


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